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This is the first page of my webcomic! Enjoy!

I haven't posted on here in forever. It's covered in webs and stuff.

When the first part of Hideaki is going to be posted? Well... As of now, I'm just worried about when I'm gonna START ANIMATION. You see, I had figured I would have all the voices for the first part done by this weekend, but... that's not gonna happen. Why? BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ALL THE AUDIO FILES! I have all the ones for Miko, but she doesn't even talk that much in the first part. And the first part is also really boring. Well, I'll have to wait it out, I guess. And beg the rest of my voice actors to work.

From what I can tell, Negima's getting really popular in Japan. Not so much here in the US, as with any anime, because we have to import, translate, etc, etc. But I'd love it if they made a movie or third anime series. (it would technically be the fourth tv series, because of the live action drama, but the third anime. not counting the ovas.) And if you go to the Ala Alba site, it's got a counter of the preorders. It's getting pretty close to 50,000! If it gets to 100,000 I'll be able to die happy. No, wait. I'll be able to die content. Not ecstatic. I'd rather die ecstatic, though. Well, great. Now I don't wanna die.

Ah well, I've got a screenshot of a test for segmented tween animation. I originally had in my mind the impossible idea of doing all of the movie in frame by frame. However, I was looking at some of John and Richie's stuff, and it looks really good. So I decided to make basic character animation segmented tween, and some of the more complex shots frame by frame. Because, to be honest, some action scenes just wouldn't look good if they were segmented tween animated. So hopefully, this will give my movie some sort of a dynamic style. I also have to learn how to draw better with a tablet.

Does anyone even read this...?

Concept Sketches

2008-06-21 11:33:42 by FlippytheMasterofPie

I've kinda got a lot of the designs for the characters already done, because Hideaki used to be a comic, but I've been playing with some of them. I've also been playing with concepts that may or may not appear in the final version.

Don't ask why I'm not putting the pictures in the news post, it's because if people don't want spoilers then they don't have to click the link and see the pictures.

The script for the first part is finished, and I've got the lines from Kira. Let me tell you, she is a GENIUS.
I'll post some images of the storyboards and stuff asap.

Voice actors

2008-06-07 23:35:54 by FlippytheMasterofPie

Well, I guess I might as well announce the voice actors for this little huge project of mine.
This isn't exactly final, and the cast might eventually change, depending on if everyone can even have time to do their parts, or any other reason they might quit.
Me, of course. I play quite a few characters.
My best friend, Chez
My best friend's brother, Daniel.
Kira, aka Rina-chan
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnd, i feel like i'm forgetting someone, but i guess that's about it.
Viral-style advertising campaign-GO!

Aaaaand now...

2008-05-28 21:51:38 by FlippytheMasterofPie

This is officially the official production blog for the official Hideaki movie. Official-like.
So! I thought I'd rant a bit on my thoughts on how I'm gonna do this thing.

I have no idea.
To tell you the truth, I've been writing the script and planning what I'm gonna do in the future. I have the basic story planned out, but there's quite a bit of things I need to fill in. Think of it as a skeleton, if you will.

Anyway, I estimate I'll be starting voices pretty soon. I figure I'll record the voices as I'm writing the script. So al of you, prepare yourselves!

I'll also be posting screenshots of how I'm doing so far! As soon as I start animation, of course. Which should be in... a while. So, look forward to the future, true believers!

The far, far future.
But hopefully I'll post some short videos in the meantime.

I completed and posted AngryToast on the portal yesterday. As you can see, it's pretty different from both the original trailer and Toasty4you's original vision.